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Future Perspectives

The webinar “Future Perspectives - How do we design for a changing climate?” was held in the first week of February. During the week, 14 influential speakers from academia and practice were joined by a growing number of attendees from 50 countries. 


Each day, the webinar presented an inspiring approach to sustainable architecture followed by an open discussion.


With an avg. of 350 daily attendees, it became clear that platforms like this are needed - places to share and question potentials and challenges that architects face when working with sustainability. 


A recurring topic “the future role of the architect in climate emergency” showed practitioners, academics, and students' willingness to go beyond standard practices and get involved in politics and interdisciplinary partnerships to reach the goals we have failed so far.

Keynote speakers:
Walter Unterrainer (Chalmers), Anne Beim (KADK), Søren Rasmussen (ONV), Katrina Wiberg (AAA), Flemming Rafn (Tredje Natur), Christian Nyerup (Ramboll), Søren Nielsen (Vandkunsten), Anders Lednager (Lednager Group), Morten Gregersen (Nord Architects), Koen Steemers (University of Cambridge) Sofie Pelsmakers (TU Tampere), Eva Ravnborg (Henning Larsen Architects), Siv Stangeland (Helen & Hard), Jeanette Frisk (Arki_lab), Eske Bruun (Kondens Architects)


Webinar was held from 1st- 5th of Feb. 2021 


February 02.nd 03.rd

Future Perspectives

How do we design for a changing climate?




"Around 50 years ago, it was clear that humanity’s consumption of resources began to exceed what the Earth could produce and renew in a year, which means, since the 1970s we have been consuming and polluting the environment more than it can recover naturally."

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